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Dune Hd Iptv M3u




This means that the first time the STB boots, it will pick up the IPTV channels from the playlist automatically. This is ideal for installations where the STB already has TV channels tuned in. But if the STB is running on a system that has no TV channels, it has no option of automatically picking up the list of IPTV channels. However, there are ways of hacking around this. You could program the STB to tune into a predetermined channel for a short period of time, and during this time you could be hardwired into the cable system with a Digital Radio adapter. It won’t take long before the STB picks up the channels, and the annoying commercial-less IPTV channels will disappear. This obviously won’t work if you are already connected to the IPTV channels with your TV, so we’ll skip to the next step. Step 3 – Set up your Cable Box Cable boxes are configured by using a cable connection directly to the set-top box. This is different to the above hack where the IPTV channels are picked up from the M3U playlist file, which is only configured on the TV. This setup has the advantage of it being easy to update the cable box without having to uninstall the original software, reboot and reinstall. Each cable box has its own IP address, which is associated with the channels that the box receives. Using your IPTV software of choice, set up your cable box to use the network address of your IPTV box. Most cable boxes have a port such as 53512 or 27000, so you need to enter the address of your IPTV box (e.g. into the DNS address of your cable box. You can also control your cable box with your remote control using the IP address instead of the cable box number. Note – For the purpose of these instructions, we assume the IPTV software you are using is an open source program and does not contain any sort of password protection. If you are using something like the open source Kodi TV software, this is not the case. It has the ‘password’ feature that will prevent anyone accessing your channels. The IPTV software in the article is open source and does not contain the ‘password’ feature, so you can use it at your own risk. Step 4 – Test your set up Your IP




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Dune Hd Iptv M3u

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